Michael Shimananda Bhaktadas, born in munich was initiated in Seitai 1987 in Paris -henceforth practiced with masters from east and west -> Initiated by enlightened masters (women/men)

The development of Katsugen undō (Regenerating divine Seitai Movement) by H.Noguchi particularly interested Shimananda, who immediately understood the importance of this life-process, especially as regards to the possibility it gives to individuals to regain their autonomy, without needing to depend any more on any specialist.

While recognizing and admiring the precision and the deep capacity of Seitai techniques and "subconscious education" he consider that the spreading of Katsugen undō is more important than the teaching of any technique. see "europe-Seitai-tour"

One of his vocations is the development of the "human being" from conception to self-realisation. Since 2024 he offers under the name of "iPeP-NHG" the programm "Natural-Holistic-Guide" for int.peace education, focusing trust in nature and how to realize it in human relationship and becoming conscious parents in a joyfull and orgastic birth-experience.
He therefore initiate groups of "Katsugen & Yuki" all over Europe (D-A-CH). see "iPeP-NHG"

Concerning "subconscious education" he recommends the "Inochi-no" Selfrealisation-Process
with Kunio Shohei Nomura author of "beyond national egoism" realized first in Europe in 2001. see "inochi-no"


Meeting with Akiko Noguchi in Germany


It is with great gratitude that I look back on the unexpected meeting with Akiko Noguchi at the Swiss Embassy in Cologne; invited by Mme Chenaux Reponds, who met Haruchika Noguchi
and became friends with his wife Akiko.

This "being in Seitai" with Akiko is as if it had just happened - the pictures, words, touches in the exchange with Akiko are as present as if we had just practised "katsugen-undo" together.
Then the silence in the stately rooms of the Embassy.

Smoothly flowing in the stream of life movements "katsugen" (regenerating movement).
One with life, one with Akiko and with the essence of Noguchi-Seitai.

In an intimate conversation with Akiko - with translation - my question as to whether I was admitted to teach "Seitai, Katsugen, Yuki" (as a pedagogue/educator)? was answered very gladly by Akiko: "Yes, if I pass on the essence of Noguchi-Seitai."

I bowed to her with a pure heart "tenshin" full of love, Ki and gratitude.

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