international Peace education Programm (iPeP)

Int. peace education programme "Natural-Holistic-Guide" (NHG) funding in the Erasmus+ EU * iPeP-NHG" activates the peace relationship among all people, nations & religions - promotes LOVE for nature and reminds us to live our natural being.

"iPeP-Natural-Holistic-Guide" is educational guidance from puberty to adulthood in cooperation with UR peoples and independent peace projects in the EU.

The "iPeP-Natural-Holistic-Guide" (NHG) promotes the innate life force in every individual
and offers a deeper understanding of holistic living and connection to nature. This NHG
programme is a transformative journey for Erasmus+ vocational adult education to promote holistic
well-being and a connection to the "inner" nature. An "NHG" is a supportive
companion in life that helps individuals to live in harmony with their inner wisdom and nature.

weitere Informationen auch in deutscher Sprache - also in german & french

Here you can inform you - as the educational programm will be in english -
about the content and goals of "natural-holistic-guide" iPeP peace education
and inner transformation by "Seitai".

Download: here
-> int. peace education programm
-> "natural-holistic-guide"
-> links/video english - german
-> Ziele / Goals + Vision
-> "Seitai-womens body M.Nomura
-> Seitai - Weisheit des weiblichen Körpers - Leseprobe

You are welcome to apply for one of the places in the 6-day iPeP educational programm
which will be held from 1.9. until 8.September 2024 in Springen/Wiesbaden
As we expect funding/Subventionen from the EU-Erasmus+ youth national agency,
you can with your "first ranking" application also apply for a "free of charge" position.

-> NOW you can send your interest & application for funding/Fördermittel:
contact: Shimananda Bhaktadas "iPeP-NHG" e-mail: shima (at) seitai (.de)
if you have further questions or like to talk in german/french you are welcome
to contact me directly +49 157 870 66 882 Shimananda

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