LoveBirth "natal preparation - joyful birth"
Women can have a painless delivery by doing katsugen

Preparation of the body, mind and heart for the coming parenthood

" Medicine is the study of disease and what causes a man to die.
Seitai is the study of health and what causes a man to live."

So rather than thinking up all sorts of things, it is better to jump in and experience „katsugen“. Women can have a painless delivery by doing katsugen-undo.

„If you want to order your body, you can only do it yourself.“


Natural-Holistic-Guidance - natal preparation - joyful birth
"International Peace education Proggramm iPeP"

I, Katsugen-Undo & Seitai taiso

"katsugen-undo", is a method of activating extrapyramidal* movement, and its auxiliary exercise, “seitaï taiso” enable us to relax those points of tension in the body that cannot be relaxed in other ways.

..those parts of the body that have something wrong with them and those parts where strength is incessantly summoned up and are consequently tense and insensitive will be revived; this kind of natural movement occurs, and we call it "katsugen-undo" - movement that renews life at its root

When a pregnant women practices „katsugen undo“, the baby becomes strong and delivery becomes painless and easy. But this is quite natural since a women‘s body is so made as to give birth painlessly and easily, this is the natural way of giving birth.

* if the extrapyramidal system is functioning sensitively, the body always changes in response to external changes, adapts itself, and so is always protected by this activity.

intense 6 month seitai-training ”Natural-Holistic-Guide”
is a guideline for healthy,
sensitive, happy parenthood in accordance with nature

Video: “SEITAI: Observ the life, understand it and recovering the vitality”

1, Seitai – Katsugen-undo + Yuki – to order the body yourself
    preparation-exercise: beginning of pregnancy

Every time we adapt the environment to ourselves, the need to make further improvements arises and the weaker we become. The reason for this is that we too, are creatures of nature and we have not cut ourselves off from the natural working that is adaptation, whereby shape and function are changed in accordance with circumstances. We should realize that it is not because we have lost this natural ability that the body becomes weak, but because of the fact that we posses it.

Relying on other people for a cure or to become strong, or believing that health depends on taking certain actions or on doing things that are "good" and avoiding the "bad" - in a way reduce the strength of live.

“Yuki” helps because it activates; It's very important for me to say that Yuki is fundamentally different from what we often hear spoken of, because when we do Yuki, we void our heads, we don't cure anyone, we don't look for anything. We are simply concentrated in the act. There is no intention, and that is primordial, in fact, it is underlined that we practice “without a goal”.


2, understanding & appreciation of the relation body-spirit
„Taiheki“ –> educate people through their bodies exploring things as bias taiheki, to understand physical activity, together with the nature of the influence this has on a person‘s temperament and actions, and the kinds of changes that are brought about as a result of taiheki‘s being corrected.
Cancer, leukemia, hepatitis, cerebral apoplexy - all these are illnesses which become serious before one is aware of them, and when one does become aware of them, it is too late. This is characteristic of today's illnesses.
The root of this kind of thing is a body that has become insensitive. When an insensitive body catches a cold then, to some extent it recovers its elasticity. So rather than thinking of a cold as an illness, I have come to think of it as being a curative activity.


3, natural LOVE-conception & harmonious pregnancy
    -> inner communication with the child baby/foetus (1.+2. Yuki)

Haruchika Noguchi (the founder of “Seitai”) considered that, if a pot is broken initially, you can repair it all you like, it will always be fragile, always have weaknesses. That's why Master Noguchi and Master Tsuda gave so much importance to childbirth, to pregnancy and to babyhood. Psychologically as well as physically, childbirth is a moment of colossal importance.

Regenerative movements "katsugen" can balance suppressed life energy. These movements serve to release stuck tensions and lead to meditative stillness. This is followed by naturally deep breathing in the "Hara" (pelvis). Under this condition, natural sexuality and orgasm can be experienced.
For the woman, menstruation is an important barometer for health, purification "emotional release" and harmony between surrender and action.

* Sexuality as a natural function of live energy Seitai-Ausbildung "LoveBirth"


4. natural joyful birth - the precondition of bonding,
    vitality and beauty of mother and baby (bonding)

An ordered pelvis (lumbar spine) gives the woman a happy and fulfilled pregnancy and prepares her for a gentle, pain-free birth - without complications. How the woman can use the impulse of birth to maintain her health, beauty and vibrant radiance. The man also has an important task: by trustingly accompanying his "creator", protecting the primal trust (bonding) and promoting an intuitive parent/child relationship.
Physical and psychological prerequisites for a harmonious pregnancy and natural birth, in rhythm with one's own nature. Special Seitai exercises for (the pelvis) the woman as preparation for a harmonious pregnancy and natural birth has made Seitai known as the birth jewel.

“On full moon days, there are many childbirths. Mothers and babies know the right time to be born into this world. Contractions come with a fixed rhythm like the swell of the ocean at the rising tide.” Babies are nurtured in the mother’s amniotic fluid. This amniotic fluid is said to be composed of almost the same constituents as the ocean of the earth of ancient times. The baby’s life begins as one fertilized ovum and is born in 10 months and 10 days. It is said that during this time within the mother’s body, it re-experiences completely the evolution of life on earth of billions of years. Isn’t the wonderfulness of the plan of this life and the profound preciousness of life amazing and moving?


5. guiding the vitality of the first months of the child

the fundament of a trustful relation between parents and the child is „subconcsious education“. What we call „conscience“ is the master-piece among the things created by subconscious education.

But things like a fear of falling ill, being frightened by a fever, or thinking that because you have a fever you must be ill, are all imaginary problems. So subconscious education that is directed towards health is the easiest; because parents do not pay enough attention to their child, he tries everything to draw their attention. ...the purpose of subconscious education is to make a person aware of the strength that he possesses. ...the most important thing in maintaining ones`s health is to do nothing very much and to get rid of „suggestions“;

When both mind and body are sound, you will be healthy whatever you do. So if after the body has become healthy, your mental state is firm, you don't have to distinguish between what is good and bad for the body. You can use both to remain in good fettle.

When there are no abnormalities in the body, it passes smoothly through an illness. this is natural, but because people don‘t correct the body, pursue only symptoms and force things to the body, the body finds it difficult to recover.

But if you do „katsugen undo“, you find that your body is naturally constituted in the way to become really healthy. Those people who feel that they can‘t live safely without knowledge of rules of health and hygiene – in the end, the sensitivity of their bodies is dulled. Doubtless it is because the mechanism whereby activity deriving from within the body is put forth has grown rusty.

So rather than thinking up all sorts of things, it is better
to jump in and experience katsugen undo & Yuki.

Women can have a painless delivery by doing katsugen-undo.

Further information: “Seitai” –> Katsugen-Undo + Yuki
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trained and inspired by Mutsuko Nomura since 1995
author of  "Seitai - methode for the women's body"
and direct instructed by Haruchika NOGUCHI

“A single orgasm is thought to be 22 times as relaxing as the average tranquilizer. When you add to this the fact that the average vagina widens 2″ during sexual arousal, it only makes sense to fantasize, masturbate or make love in labor.”
Orgasmic Birth can literally be an orgasm during birth

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova was one of the pioneers of the Conscious Birth Movement in Russia since 1982, where she first recognized the need for a transformation in our birthing practices.  “The quality of our formative period defines the quality of our life,” says Elena, “The birth process affects our ability to love, experience happiness and intimacy, as well as whether living in a body is experienced as safe and joyful or as painful and lonesome”.  

Elena has brought her wisdom about how to avoid complications at birth through an effective preparation program shown in her film.  “The birth itself is the last accord in this fascinating journey of self discovery,” Elena says, “After all the preparation is accomplished, the delivery of the baby unfolds naturally in all its magnificence.”


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