Noguchi Seitai "katsugen-undo"

Human beings live by means of the extremely subtle, autonomous activities of life. H.Noguchi recommends a method of training the extrapyramidal system which is known as “katsugen undo”, as well as doing “yuki”. A useful introduction to living in a “seitai” way.

How to order your body - by katsugen-undo (divine seitai movement)

The purpose of „katsugen undo“ is to order our bodies properly, to put them in a state of Seitai. Ordering the body properly is essential not only for health; it is the precondition for various activities,… Everything begins from a properly ordered body.

Having a properly ordered body is the prerequisite for any activity. If you cannot run straight, you cannot run well; if your pelvic region is stiff, you cannot swing a golf club properly. So ordering your body is beneficial not only for your health.

Because „katsugen undo“ makes giving birth easy, some people suppose that this is the main reason for doing it. But what „katsugen undo“ does is put the unconscious movements of the body in order, and adjust those parts of the body that you cannot move voluntarily. It is not especially a method to make giving birth less painful, it is simply that when the body is in good order, childbirth becomes natural and easy.

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Seitai-Founder Haruchika Noguchi

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