Dojo Salzburg Katsugen-soho

Katsugen-undo“ (divine seitai movement), is a method of activating extrapyramidal* movement ("medulla oblongata") and enable us to relax those points of tension in the body that cannot be relaxed in other ways.

Those parts of the body that have something wrong with them and those parts where strength is incessantly summoned up and are consequently tense and insensitive will be revived; this kind of natural movement occurs spontaneously, and we call it "katsugen-undo" - movement that renews life at its root

The purpose of „katsugen undo“ is to order our bodies properly, to put them in a state of Seitai. Ordering the body properly is essential not only for health; it is the precondition for various activities… Everything begins from a properly ordered body.

...This capacity of the body to balance itself is in us all, and unless the body is badly imbalanced, sickness helps you to get the disordered parts in your body into balance.

The same is true of Seitai: if you want to put your body in order, you must do it yourself. It is wrong to want other people to regulate your body for you. The principle of Seitai is that you yourself should be resposible for putting your body in order, but people make the mistake of expecting someone else to do it for them.

* if the extrapyramidal system is functioning sensitively, the body always changes in response to external changes, adapts itself, and so is always protected by this activity