„1+1 Art of education & Seitai“

From conception to first years

The book "1+1 Erziehungskunst & Seitai" shows the entanglements of man with his parents, family, educational institutions, religion, politics, economy and media, as well as the conditioning of thinking, feeling and acting on different levels of consciousness.

The author gives suggestions how man can renew himself at his root. With each birth adds a mosaic stone for the beautification of the blue planet Earth, by laying the life and love power for a happy, healthy and peaceful coexistence of all people.

With humorous word power this book leads from the surface of education into the depths of the unconscious, to cleanse our past, for a joyful now in freedom. The author describes ways to accompany expectant parents, grandparents, educators and pedagogues, in a "Nature and Parent School" into the world of intuition, primordial trust and into the wisdom of nature.

Every second a human being is born with the seed to transform the earth into a paradise. Our desire is to realize the unconditional unfolding of human potential in harmony with nature. Simply being there - with the love power of the heart - to be "one big family" again.