Natural-Holistic-Guidance I

Seitai-intense training

Preperation of the body, mind and heart for the coming parenthood - natal preparation - joyful birth

Natural-Holistic-Guide” - “Kinderwunsch – Wunschkinder” is a guideline for – healthy, sensitive, happy parenthood - in accordance with (your) nature

For all men/women wishing to share their LOVE with each other in a natural flow of ordered body “Seitai”. You will be able to receive a baby – to take care of his inherent immence life power for growth - and be the link for sensitiveness and trust in nature as it is. Nothing has to be “made better” – just enjoy the natural way.

Welcome are young people in their 20's to those who have grandchildren. You will be able yourself to order your body, mind & heart with
"Katsugen-Undo" (divine Seitai movement) by H.Noguchi.

Offering for these aspects an intense 6 month training ”Natural-Holistic-Guidance”


  1. “Seitai” – ordering the body and mind by katsugen-undo
  2. Architecture of the body - “taiheki” and psychic tendency
  3. Menstruation, healthy childbirth, menopause in harmony
  4. man as the potent lover & sensitive loving father;
  5. enjoying child-rearing; “play – love – dance”, causeless being;
  6. eatable wild herbs; for natural vitalization & healing;

During the 6 month training of “Natural-Holistic-Guide” I explain in detail the fundamental way of thinking about maintaining health based on Haruchika Noguchi's Seitai.

Then, actual practice of techniques “Taisho” for taking care of the individual body in each season. Each person unconsciously begins to relieve the tension in the body.

They come to understand the way their body is composed and how to order the body by the means of “Katsugen-Undo”, the unconscious movement.

First time participants are surprised at the great changes, but as they realize they have within themselves, the inherent forces toward ordering the body, they deepen their faith in their body.

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Seitai Training "Natural-Holistic-Guide" -> 2023/24
Raum München: Introduction 24.-25.8.2023 Einführung
Beginn neuer Zyklus: 15.-17.9.2023
+13.-15.10./ 10.-12.11./8.-10.12./12.-14.01.2024
"LoveBirth": "intense – touch deep life“ *
Winter retreat: 26.-30.12.2023
Beitrag: € 990 / Paare € 750 je TN +/-
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*Shimananda is trained & inspired by Mutsuko Nomura since 1995
author of  "Seitai - methode for the women's body directly instructed
by Haruchika NOGUCHI Seitai founder


intense 6 month training ”Natural-Holistic-Guide”; “Kinderwunsch – Wunschkinder” is a guideline for healthy, sensitive, happy parenthood in accordance with nature
Noguchi "Seitai" registered/approved in jap. Ministry of Education & Science

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