"katsugen" Munich

katsugen-undo is a seitai-practice by Noguchi-Seitai

Katsugen - spontaneous yoga (zifagong-latihan...)

Katsugen Yoga is the most difficult of all yogas, because there is nothing more difficult than being effortless, natural and spontaneous.

What is the meaning of Katsugen?

Katsugen means: let happen whatever happens, do not resist it. Being it means flowing like air and water, not allowing the intellect to get in the way of what is happening:

SIMPLY sit or stand in a relaxed posture - after the preparatory exercises that activate the "extrapyramidal nervous system" - wait for nature to work in you. Then let whatever bubbles up from your bodily need happen - and just relax.

 Seitai practice "Yuki, Ki, deepen breathing" - Katsugen-undo
mutuel - laying on of hands "Yuki + Gyokki

29.9.2023 Seitai initiation-course "katsugen-undo in Munich

27.10.2023 Information-Praktik "Natural-Holistic-Guide" - child-wish in a natural way
28.-29.10.2023 NEW Seitai-education Zyklus "Natural-Holistic-Guide"

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